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Shorebird - Recruitment Solutions Redefined

We’ve always been about recruitment, right from our early days back in 2010 when we started developing talent management software and managing simple recruitment campaigns for our clients.

Developing the service further, Shorebird TV was launched in 2013 to act as a portal for HR and Recruitment professionals to access free-to-air content to support their own development. This platform now supports multiple events each month and has almost 4,000 unique subscribers.

From here, Shorebird has evolved to become a multi-brand, full service partner to clients across a whole range of sectors throughout the UK. Over 80% of our clients have been on this journey with us, having chosen Shorebird as their partner from our very beginning.
As we look to our future, we remain committed to being a recruitment partner. We’re not a recruitment agency, neither are we faceless consultants. What we are is a group of specialists who care passionately about how you can leverage your employer brand and combine it with engagement and attraction strategies, underpinned by the right software and digital presence, to find the right talent for your business.

Why should you care about this? Because, put simply, happy workers are more productive workers, which has a positive effect both culturally and commercially.

So, get in touch today and let’s see how we can work together.

Why choose us as your partner

We enable the attraction, engagement and management of the best possible talent by providing market leading services and software to businesses of all shape and sizes.

To do this we have a unique blend of knowledge and expertise that enable us ATTRACT the best and most suitable people to vacancies at all levels. Furthermore, we empower companies with the ability to MANAGE these applicants in the way that fits current processes and we provide the skills to the staff so that they can ENGAGE with this talent.

In real terms this means that Shorebird helps businesses to take control of their recruitment and drive down the costs of hiring people and at the same time helping in building an employer brand and creating a company’s EVP (Employee Value Proposition)

If you want to find out how we can help your business then get in touch today.

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Our Ethos

Shorebird is a specialist recruitment partner. It’s quite simple really – we exist to help you attract, engage and manage the best possible talent into your business through a range of services and software.

As a client, you can expect:


Your brand and reputation is safe in our hands


We pride ourselves in knowing the answer – or where to find it!


We live and breathe what we do so that you don’t have to


We keep our promises and will achieve what we say we will


There is nothing more important than our relationship with you

Meet the team

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson

Richard founded the business with one goal. To give customers the service’s that they wanted, not what he decided would be good for them. And from the very beginning he has ensured that this has been at the heart of what we do and why we exist as a business.

He works across all areas of the business and is the driving force for solving our clients’ problems, never resting and making sure that we deliver great results every day. Some people say he’s a robot but we know he isn’t.

If you’re interested in seeing how he can help you attract and manage new talent to your business then get in touch with him:


Karen Millard

Karen Millard

In July 2014 Karen joined the team as Head of Client Services and immediately took on the responsibility of “hugging” our customers. Her account management skills and knowledge of the recruitment industry were utilised from day one and she shares this expertise with clients and the team continually. In January 2015 she took on the additional responsibility of managing the service delivery team and ensuring that we continually focus on achieving high response rates with excellent customer service.

In her spare time Karen loves to shop, walk her dog, Ruby, and has now acquired a new interest in visiting the cities around Europe


Martin Higgins

Martin Higgins

Martin joined the business in 2010, when the applicant tracking system was created. Over the years he has hand crafted the system, developing and engineering it to its current form, and he has thrived on the challenges and changes required to keep it ahead of the game along the way. It’s one of the reasons he has no hair.

In Martin's spare time he enjoys throwing himself out of aeroplanes with a parachute, he is our very own Jason Bond. (that's a mix of Jason Bourne & James Bond)



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